Weekly round up – 3 of the best

It’s yet another Monday morning which means one thing round these parts… the No grey walls weekly round up.

This week is an absolute belter as the Instagram algorithm gods were feeling generous and shared my posts to slightly more than 1% of my followers for once. Extremely good of them I’m sure you will agree.

This week I have two posts from my recent trip to Aberdeen and one from an artist who features on this page a helluva lot (nope, not DavidL amazingly) who I believe is on the cusp of achieving big things.

This years Nuart Aberdeen was a roaring success and is it any wonder why with pieces like the header shot by Snik. The duo from the UK created this stunning piece using seventeen (I think) layers of stencils down at the Aberdeen harbour front. Seeing this piece up close it’s hard to imagine it being done with stencils across such a large scale. As with all the pieces this week it’s the little things that you don’t necessarily see on first viewing that really make the piece, from the small frays on the larger rope to the completely snapped rope sending the bird flying at the bottom. Next level work in all honesty.

Next up we have this awesome door way piece by Cosmic Nougat in Aberdeen. The piece is titled ‘space bear’ and was created for the brilliant local project Painted doors Abdn. As you can see it’s a black and white piece full of tiny intricate details which really stand out against the granite background. There’s so much going on that it took me a minute to actually see the bear but once I saw it the piece all made sense. Really great work and an artist I am definitely keeping an eye on now.


So this last piece is of course by the extremely hard working French artist and all round good guy Tim Marsh. I’ve featured Tim so many times on the blog but for good reason due to the extremely positive reaction to his work when I post shots online. This latest piece is from his ‘Poble Zoo’ project in the suburb of Poblenou in Barcelona. Tim has been tasked with painting an ever increasing number of these giant shutters and is slowly but surely taking over the whole neighbourhood. For this piece Tim has painted a Chameleon in his customary colourful geometric style. As with the Snik and cosmic nougat pieces this one is full of little details that contribute so much to the final piece such as the little triangle claws at the end of his feet and the ever watchful eye.

Tim is going to be at Gargar festival this weekend painting one of his biggest walls to-date so keep an eye on my IG feed Saturday and Sunday for shots of the wall as it progresses.


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