Weekly round up – 3 of the best

I’m back again with the weekly round up and for the second week in a row it’s a day late as I spent yesterday travelling back from the excellent Nuart 2018 in my home town of Aberdeen. That and the fact that I’m rarely organised enough to write these things at least partly in advance.

This week I have the pleasure of sharing work from one of Aberdeen’s finest artists, a beauty from a No grey walls regular and also a WIP shot from Contorno Urbano’s latest intervention in Llobregat.

So diving into it, the header piece is the aforementioned WIP shot from Contorno Urbano’s 12+1 project in the suburb of Hospitalet de Llobregat in Barcelona. I’ve spoken at length about Contorno’s project before so I won’t go into it too much but just to recap it’s a monthly project on 50mtr2 wall aimed at creating an open dialogue in one of Europe’s most populated areas. This month was the turn of Xav with his piece entitled “the three rodents” and to borrow from Contorno’s press release – “The artist was interested in painting rats with his unique sense of details. The mural illustrates perfectly the expression “library rats”, showing rats with pencil and books. Xav hid in the mural the words “Asturias” and “treze”, tribute to the graffiti writer Treze (acid collapse), who passed away in January” 

A fitting tribute if ever there was one.

Next up we have this awesome piece from KMG. KMG is an artist based in Aberdeen who’s work I was very familiar with through social media but had never actually seen in person until I returned to the granite city last week. In fact this piece was one of the first that I saw when I stumbled off the bus all bleary eyed at 6.30am and boy did it perk up my mood. The piece was done for an initiative called Painted Doors Aberdeen which aims to brighten up the tired doorways of Aberdeen by having local and visiting artists cover up the black and grey with their designs. This door is one of my top two favourite pieces that I saw in Aberdeen, mainly because I am a total sucker for all things bright and cartoony with silly characters. This one has two super colourful doughnuts in beanie hats readying themselves to eat a poor old plain doughnut! The privileges of being a flavoured doughnut… cannibalism!


I don’t actually have too much to say about this next piece, not because of anything negative but more because I have expressed my love for DavidL too many times to mention. This piece is from a recent visit to one of his abandoned spots, I had an art loving friend visiting from Scotland and thought that a trip there would be an ideal 40th birthday present. Needless to say he loved the abandoned buildings and scenery but he,  like me fell in love with David’s work the minute he set eyes on the first wall. This piece,  is of the legendary Andy Warhol surrounded by his ubiquitous cans of Campbell’s soup. As always the piece is David’s own particular style of character design with the character being instantly recognisable but with enough of a twist to make that little bit different. I love the yellow shading on the glasses! Absolutely incredible work from an incredible artist.


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