Weekly round up feat. Albert Bonet

Albert Bonet, Barcelona

I’m bringing you work from Albert Bonet, Tim Marsh and a collaboration between Invalid Ink and Breakvik this week. I missed last weeks post sadly. Blame it on a 13 week old puppy dictating my life and sleeping patterns. He’s cute though so I’ll let him off.

Albert Bonet

So this piece from Albert Bonet is quite something. First of all it’s sent my Instagram page crazy. The post is sitting at just over 3k likes as I type this. I have also gone up by about 200 followers in just a few days. Proof that Instagram works!! Pffffft as if!

Anyway, let’s talk about this piece. I have written about Albert Bonet on multiple occasions now, in five different round up pieces in fact! That says it all really doesn’t it? The people love his work clearly! And why wouldn’t they… I mean just look at this wall, it’s epic! The piece is a portrait of one of Bonet’s friends and as you can see he’s up to no good with a white substance.The lighting, and shading are just perfect. The small easy to miss details (the forehead wrinkles and sweat, lip piercing, etc.) are also just spot on. Also although it seemed to upset some people in my comments section on IG,  I think the addition of the street dust and debris to create the white powder is unbelievably creative. Simply incredible art.

Albert Bonet – Instagram

Albert Bonet, Barcelona

Tim Marsh

It’s been a while since I have written about my buddy Tim Marsh. No, he’s not being lazy, he’s just incredibly busy with festivals and gallery work as opposed to street work. It’s great to see an artist who puts in so much effort be rewarded.

This piece has actually been around since May but Saturday was my first time passing and seeing the door closed. See, those early morning starts with the puppy are paying off.

Tim Marsh, Barcelona

This moose (is it a moose?) is part of Tim’s ongoing Poblezoo project in the barrio of Poblenou, Barcelona. As with all of Tim’s work, this piece is full of colour and positivity. I really think his work is really relatable to a lot of people and is liked by children and adults alike. This piece has two features in particular that stand out. The cute tongue poking out is a really nice touch and makes the moose look a little dopey. Also the human hands doing the rock out sign are pretty interesting. This is why I am not sure if it is a moose or not. Can it be a moose with human hands for horns? Answers on a postcard. No seriously, I’d love to receive some cool arty postcards!

Tim Marsh – Instagram

Tim Marsh, Barcelona

Invalid Ink and Breakvik

So here are two artists that are completely new to me. Invalid Ink is a Sicilian artist living in Barcelona. Breakvik, I think hails from and is based in Valencia, Spain. Both guys seem to specialise in calligraphy and came together to create this incredible piece at Tres Xemeneies in Barcelona.

Invalid Ink and Breakvik

There’s something about this type of art that really blows my mind. To be honest, I really can’t get my head round it and how it all comes together in the artists mind. I guess it must be even more challenging for two artists to come together to create something with this level of detail. They probably both have slightly differing styles and I’d love to find out more about the process.

I’m completely unable to read the lettering on this particular piece (nothing new there) but that’s the skill of calligraphy right? Also there is something I really like about the shades of blue used in the middle section. I can’t tell you why, they just really stand out for some reason.

Invalid Ink – Instagram

Breakvik – Instagram

Invalid ink & Breakvik


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