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Studio Insano in Barcelona

There was zero chance of missing this weeks round up since the previously mentioned puppy still does not like letting me sleep. I’ve got all the time in the world to write now! This week’s round up features a few crackers. I’ll be sharing work from Studio Insano, Ioke, Art3ano, Ekosaurio and Fase. Two mentions in a week for Fase!

Studio Insano

First up this week is this vibrant bird from Studio Insano. Or maybe it’s just Insano and I don’t need the studio part? Instagram handles confusing me.

Insano is Danniel Baker who I believe hails from Panama. Danniel is on a European tour at the moment and spent a few days here in Barcelona. Insano paints a mix of humans, animals and objects. For this particular wall in Barcelona he has painted a bird (no I do not know which type) in his typical style. That style is a very colourful palette with very clear lines that split each colour into their own area. This is just a very pretty piece of work that definitely gave me that little buzz I get when I see something new and interesting on a wall.

Studio Insano

Studio Insano Instagram

Ioke, Art3sano & Ekosaurio

These three got together a week past Sunday to create three differing works in Barcelona. All three pieces were created at the famous Tres Xemeneies spot in the heart of the city. Amazingly as I type this, they are all still there. Changed days!

I’m a big fan of Ioke both as an artist and as a person. For this piece the artist from Peru has written his name but in a very inventive way. It’s probably quite easy to miss that it spells IOKE if you didn’t know the name of the artist. You might just think it’s a bunch of random cartoon characters. Very intelligent work in my opinion. Great use of colours too, loads of purple!

Ioke in Barcelona.

Art3sano’s El Conejo malo (bad rabbit) sits to the right of Ioke’s piece. As you can see this rabbit is definitely bad, what with his neck tattoo and smoking habit. Not your typical rabbit you might say. He does look like he is wearing a Hugh Heffner style smoking jacket which is pretty cool to be honest. So maybe part bad, part cool. Cool, if you like playboy mansion parties that is.

Art3sano in Barcelona

I’ve never featured Ekosaurio’s work on the blog before. Mainly cos he seems to do a lot more studio work than street pieces. Hopefully this is the start of him hitting the streets more, it’s something I’d certainly like to see anyway. Eko’s work mostly features the flowers of his native country, Puerto Rico. He also does a bit of writing but this piece features said Fauna. These flowers really pop off the wall. I’m not sure if can’s were used in the making of this one, there’s something about it that’s just cleaner and more dynamic than your average piece.

Ekosaurio in Barcelona

Ioke Instagram/ Art3sano Instagram/ Ekosaurio Instagram


Fase has been pretty busy of late. The Santos born artist’s bread and butter is sign work for businesses across the city. Always about the letters for these writers huh! That being said, Fase is starting to develop a few more street art style pieces. This door shutter is in the Borne area of Barcelona right next to the Montana can shop. Ideal location if you can’t be bothered lugging loads of cans around!

This private commission is a colourful portrait of Uma Thurman as Mia in Pulp Fiction. Regular readers know about my love of purple so Fase get’s a million bonus points for using that colour. Two different shades of it as well, two million bonus points. The piece has a bit of stencil look to it with the second layer of darker purple under Mia’s eyes and across her hands. It’s simply a really clean and eye catching piece of work that fits really nicely in that thin door frame.

Fase in Barcelona

Fase Instagram

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