One thing I got into the habit of doing whilst in Madrid was looking up whenever I crossed the road… yeah yeah normally it’s left and right, I know, but you never know what you might find if you glance up. If you tilt your head just a little you might just spot a stop sign that’s been given a new lease of life by Madrid based artist Yipiyipiyeah.

Yipi as we’ll call him/her specialises in a specific type of urban intervention, that of the hidden in plain sight type. You could walk round the streets of Madrid for days and not notice a single one of these stop signs but if you pay attention even just a little bit you’ll be treated to humorous street art on many street corners.

From looking at the artists Instagram page I missed ten’s if not hundreds of these whimsical interventions but I still captured a fair few good ones. From the cookie monster to a guy enjoying a bath Yipi has created a really fun little game for any eagle eyed passer by’s by bringing life to these every day street signs.

My personal favourite is the vampire teeth below, not really sure why, i just like the style of it for some reason but there’s something in his pieces for all ages and all tastes.

I’m really looking forward to visiting Madrid again in the future and hopefully the locals won’t think I’m too strange smiling away to myself on every street corner.


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Lewis Duncan aka No Grey Walls is a Scottish street art lover/photographer/blogger based in Barcelona.

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    1. I was thinking that, i did wonder if maybe Clet Abraham had ever visited the UK as he is prolific with this type of art also. Thanks for directing me to your post, that’s a cool one also.

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